hey im shane —

on the way to uni for the first time fuck

i have this kind of orientation programme thingy at my university tomorrow so i guess its my first day of college but its kinda not BUT it also basically is yeno so wish me luck im gonna catch some Z’s stay safe kids



do you ever just look at little kids and think

“damn, you’re gonna be one fine as fuck piece of ass in ten years”

Please……. stop that

my whole life is centered around pizza with hot dog in the crust



its pretty shitty that i saw popular bloggers on here actually criticizing that 5sos dudes penis from his leaked nude but the same people are losing it about jennifer lawrence who they called ugly and shit when she was up against lupita for the oscars


wow this post is worse than i remembered


wow this post is worse than i remembered

im never deleting my blog even when im done with tumblr u guys talk some mad shit

heart asked:
what happened to your other blog


Well let me start with I was terminated, I have no idea why tumblr terminated me. I got no email, no warning and no reason as why this happened to me. It hurts me a lot because I never do anything wrong! I worked so hard on my blog, it meant so much to me. Its not just a blog it has memories of things ive done, of my friends online, it has all my followers messages and all the people that I loved and kept me happy everyday and now its just all GONE. I know that for a fact this wasn’t my fault and its sad that just because someone reported me with a lie that tumblr wouldn’t double check and just terminate me. Its not even my old followercount that I miss its just the lovely followers that i miss, I loved them all so much and now i feel as ive lost my whole family. Just in case you dont know who I am, Im luis and I was tumblr user matchless I had nearly 100K lovely followers. i was a photo blog before but ive decided to be a humor one now, but that doesn’t mean ive changed im still luis and i still love you all out there so if your a old followers or a new I still love you <3 Here is a picture of me :) image

was this not one of the bloggers who got terminated for advertising scam weight loss products to their followers

can people on here like.. not wish death on people lmao


My small obsession with cacti