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im fucking teaching myself how to dougie so im able to dance good to at least one song on a night out

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i wanna be a game designer so youd think id join the gaming society but im pretty sure the guy running the gaming society desk is a brony so dodge that

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on a much less serious note about my life i got the volunteer job for babysitting a big bunch of 10 week old lab puppies on campus !!!!!!!

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i overheard this girl and her 2 friends on campus today having this exact conversation

girl laughing: i joined the lgbta society!
friends laughing: oh my god youre so crazy!! why did you join that if youre straight!!
girl: its not just for gay people!!!

i cant even fuckin join the thing cause im not out but the fact that it ends in -A for allies instead of -QIA and these supposed allies are joining it as a joke makes me not wanna be a part of it

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few lil updates:

● 2 best friends and also the only people irl who follow me on here saw the post and were very chill and supportive so thats good

● college is the bomb i joined the irish, accounting & finance, media production and dj societies n planning to join 1 or 2 more

● pink 77 is not in any of my classes idk if its a blessing or a curse cause shes annoying but funny too so

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